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Staying on top of finances is the primary reason for business success. Successful businesses are well aware that in order to grow financially and have smooth business operations they need professional bookkeepers and accountants to manage their finances. 

As business keeps growing, the number of customers, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders also increases and it becomes impossible for companies to manage their accounts and records without bookkeepers and accountants. Companies that keep growing in leaps and bounds have their financial systems in place and use the best accounting tools that generate financial data and reports which enable them to make quick and profitable business decisions. 

Successful businesses hire bookkeepers and accountants to manage their accounting tasks efficiently while they can focus on business activities. They value both their time and money and understand that bookkeepers and accountants are not an expenditure but an investment that can help the company to achieve its long-term goals and objectives. While a bookkeeper maintains all records and business transactions, an accountant can examine the financial data and provide insights into its implications. 


Bookkeepers and accountants help companies in several ways but the top 10 reasons why successful businesses hire bookkeepers and accountants are:

1. To Focus on Core Competencies:

Businesses are set up by those who are passionate to achieve their dreams and by hiring bookkeepers and accountants one can free up their time and focus on core competencies and business strategies to take their business to the next level. Bookkeepers and accountants provide accurate and up-to-date records of all financial transactions which play an important part in the success of a business. Bookkeeping and financial accounting are tedious and time-taking activities that should be best left at the hands of professionals. 

2. When Business Owners need Professional help to Handle Financials:

Not all business owners have the expertise to manage company financials on their own. In fact, many of them find it very difficult to understand the financial terminologies, prepare financial records and statements, and in trying to manage the finance and accounts function on their own, they make huge mistakes. Bookkeepers and accountants on the other hand are professionally trained to manage company accounts and help to keep finances on track without missing the key information and avoiding errors.


3. When Business Profits are not as High as Revenue:

Growing businesses usually tend to have stagnant profits even when their sales figures seem to keep growing. This is usually because the profit margin or the selling price is set without considering the overhead costs which increase with the increase in production and sales. An accountant who regularly maintains the accounts and records is the first one who will notice this and help businesses to focus on the crucial areas that can help them reduce costs and increase their profits.

4. To make Informed Real-Time Business Decisions:

An accountant is a financial advisor to the company, they can help in budgeting, allocating, and monitoring the cash flows and guide business owners to take the right decision. As the accountants are playing with numbers on a regular basis, they are well aware of the financial position of the company and provide the latest data and information that is beneficial to the business. They can provide advice on the financial implications of both small and big business decisions as they are well equipped with accounting tools that can help them to calculate the potential consequences of the decisions to be taken.


5. To get Financial Reports:

financial report

Bookkeepers and accountants are experts in preparing financial statements and reports. These professionally prepared reports give a true and fair view of the company’s financial position to the investors and other stakeholders. These reports are also very useful while applying for loans with banks and other financial institutions. Availability of accurate reports helps companies to attract more investment, negotiate better terms of purchase and sale and also hire the best employees in the industry. All this helps the business to inch closer to success.


6. When Business is Growing Rapidly:

As the business keeps growing there are more transactions, vendors, customers, and employees leading to increased paperwork and accounting. Having bookkeepers and accountants ensures that all your increased accounting needs are being catered to without any glitches and the finance function of your company is carried out smoothly. 


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7. To Manage Tax Compliances:

The accountant not only takes care of the accounting needs but also ensures that all tax compliances and tax-related obligations are adhered to. The accountant keeps a track of all tax-related deadlines and due dates for filing the company’s tax returns to avoid penalties and notices. They are well aware of all the business expenses and incomes that are required while filing returns which the business owners cannot keep a track of. The accountant also provides tax-related advice to the business owners which helps them to save tax and make proper investments that can help their business in the long run.


8. To Assist in Company Audits:

Audits can be stressful for any company; the accountant always comes to the rescue at these times as they have all the information readily available. They can easily guide business owners throughout the audit process by making sure that all documents, records, and transaction details that are required by auditors are made available quickly. Since the bookkeepers and accountants record and maintain all the business details, they can solve every audit query and ensure that the audits are completed smoothly.


9. To help get Funds Easily:

An accountant has very good knowledge of various financing options that are available in the market. The accountants are closely involved in the company accounts and they can easily advise the best financing option that the company can avail considering the option that best suits the business needs. They also help in providing various financial statements and other documentary requirements to the banks and financial institutes so that loans can be disbursed quickly to meet the business needs.


10. In order to Steer Business Growth:

Bookkeepers and accountants help companies by providing regular financial reports which can be used to plan the business growth. Using these reports the business owners can make projections and analyses of future business needs. They can easily make a growth plan by knowing well in advance the future inventory requirements, funds required, infrastructural needs, system development, etc. giving them a competitive edge over the others. Valuable and timely information provided to the business owners ensures that the right decisions are taken at the right time which yields favorable results towards business growth.


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