September 14, 2020
Businesses are facing a complex and dynamic commercial environment. Not just the current pandemic situation, but markets are shifting each year with an agenda to find newer business models. The subsequent goal is to find cost-effective, extra-productive, and insightful results. One such initiative made by accounting companies is the expansion of virtual CFO services. The...
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“Lo and Behold, let’s put our eyes together for the marriage of IoT and Finance!”  –       Said the God of Digitization Pondering whether or not such a god exists is futile, but discussing the amalgamation of IoT and Finance is inevitable. IoT has a huge role to play in empowering industries and sectors...
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‘Indian Fintech’ two words that make every investor smile and boost their confidence! Wondering Why? Let’s start understanding about the Fintech with some statistics; Indian FinTech is one of the top five markets by the value of capital funding and investments in the sector with nearly $270 million of funding in 2016. This report is...
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