December 17, 2020
CFO tools
Every morning a CFO is greeted with numerous reports the moment he checks his email and till he reaches his desk he has already planned his meetings and the decisions he would take along the day. Such is the evolution of the business environment which is dynamic and rapidly changing, with every change the CFO...
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budget planning
A budget is a plan that uses the scarce resources that are available to the organization to attain the firm’s objectives. It not only plans the use of resources but also acts as a tool that helps management to anticipate future results and take corrective measures when needed. Thus, it requires proper control so that...
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cost management
Products/services have to be priced right; it cannot be too high to lose clients and cannot be too low to lose profits. Thus, cost management is a vital business aspect that helps businesses to price their goods and services. For continuous business operations, companies have to monitor costs closely and find innovative solutions to optimize...
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