March 10, 2021
business plan
Running a business without a plan is highly compelling – it’s easy to dismiss the idea of spending a lot of time researching and planning. You may be tempted to rely on your instinct to make the right decisions at the right time. But the most successful businesses in the world are run by people...
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outsourced bookkeeping
  They say that a small leak can sink a ship, do you know what is better than fixing the leak…? Making sure that there are none!  That is what Bookkeeping is all about, it is the first step of financial management.  Bookkeeping can be described more as an on-going task, than as a single activity....
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risk management
It is said that you are risking everything even when you decide to risk nothing. Risk… such is its presence in business. The concept of risk management and compliance management came into practice due to the sole existence of the element of Risk in a business organization.  Risk Management and Compliance Management, are two indispensable...
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