December 23, 2021
Accounting Automation
Businesses have always used machines to make their work easy. Though the use of automated machines initially began with manufacturing activities, their use in accounting has been booming. Automation enables companies to process a large volume of data and reduce manual processing at cheaper costs. Automated accounting is beneficial to the firm in the following...
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Financial controller Vs CFO
The terms financial controller or CFO, though used interchangeably, have some differences. This is especially true for small companies who are low on budget to hire a financial controller and a CFO. There are many factors that have to be considered while deciding who the business needs; A Controller? A CFO? Or both? Who is...
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Compliance is the buzzword in every business nowadays. The role of the compliance officer thus becomes an integral part of the business framework. As per a report published in the daily ‘The Hindu’, Meta and WhatsApp were scouting for a Compliance Officer or nodal contact in India. The curiosity in knowing more about the role...
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