5 productivity hacks for remote CPA

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In current times wherein everyone is expected and preferring to work remotely or work from home, even CPAs are to participate in the same league.

Have you ever imagined CPAs working remotely? Well, there are several Certified Public Accountants who are working remotely and boosting their career. List of Certified Public Accountant’s responsibility is long,  they are expected to excel in every portion that shall include preparation of financial statements, financial planning, forensic accounting, internal auditing, income tax etc. The primary function of the CPA is to help a business thrive.

If you are one of those Certified Public accountants who think,

”Working remotely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea” we have mentioned 5 skills & tips that shall help you believe that working remotely is easy, simple and help you work efficiently without much hotchpotch.

  • Work Time and Agenda:

It is crucial to let others know about your working time and the agenda of work, the client should know when and how they shall contact you. For instance, if the client assumes that you are working at a particular time or day and if that assumption is wrong then it will create miscommunication between both parties. Moreover, a clear work schedule can help them to know about your work target and the flow of work as well.

  • Communication Channel:

Communication channel

Wouldn’t it be great if there is an established communication channel between you and the organization? It is very difficult to communicate with 20 different people on 20 different platforms all at the same time. But if there is a common platform wherein all can communicate, it will be easy. Moreover, clients would love to know about how much work is completed, so instead of emailing them now and then, CPA can offer them a quick work note every day at a fixed time stating about the completion of work. So it becomes easy for the organization to know how much work is done.

  • Use technology wisely:

Things can be done easily if the technology is used wisely, use some tools to make a To-Do List, graphically state the data if possible so that is can be considered as a self-explanatory chart.

Besides, it is very crucial to keep the back up of the financial data so use some cloud space for the same so that you never fall short of resources.

Some software is being used for accounting, there’s no harm in using either of it; as it will result in getting work done without any glitch in comparatively lesser time.

  • Follow-Ups are mandatory:

No client would like to keep on calling CPA and know about the progress of the work. On the contrary, if the CPA gives a brief about the progress of the work regularly, the client will surely appreciate it. The follow-ups work as a morale check.

  • Transparency is essential: 

It is very crucial to keep the transparency intact if a Certified Public Accountant fails to ensure the transparency, it is more likely that the client will lose faith from them & they may run out of work. To maintain a healthy professional relationship, Transparency is the key ingredient.

  • EndNote: 

Working remotely is need of an hour, in current times it is surely not a wise option to agree with a 9 to 5 work approach. Working remotely can help both health and work. It can help CPAs to complete all their task for which they stand accountable.

Remote CPAs responsibility is none the less than an office visiting CPA, but remote CPA needs more productivity awareness and a sense of work as working remotely involves more efforts to keep the working pattern organized.

These tips can be a good value addition for those who are aiming to set themselves as an ‘Efficient Remote Working CPA’

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