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Easing the pain of uncomfortable money conversations with clients
Money conversations with clients can be uncomfortable and intimidating especially when it comes to discussing the terms of a project with a client. However, it is important to approach these conversations with a level head to ensure that you get the best outcome for both parties. Fortunately, It is important to ensure that both parties are on the same page and that everyone is happy...
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womens day celebrations
“We believe in the power of entrepreneurship” especially when it comes to women who are increasingly becoming involved in the world of taxes and entrepreneurship. The role of women in tax paying and as entrepreneurs is an important one and has rapidly grown, as it helps to promote economic growth while also providing financial security for families. As more women enter the workforce, they are...
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Tax Saving plan - Investment options- 2023
Secure Your Future with the below tax saving plan (tips) for 2023 Do you believe life insurance is the perfect choice for your tax saving plans in India 2023! With a wide range of insurance policies to choose from, you can save on taxes and secure your future. Do you know that some of the banks offer you the best tax saving plans in India...
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Old vs New Income Tax Regime: Which One You Should Opt
As ,We are aware of the major announcement in personal income tax on 1st Feb 2023 by Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs – India, Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman summarizes sustainability benefits for the hardest-working middle class of the country. At the same time many of us were curious to know, what would be the major differences between the Old vs. New Income Tax Regime...
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professional accounting & Bookkeeping
It is a known fact that a construction company’s accounting is a bit crucial & complex as it includes many vendors, clients, crews, and day-to-day payments et.c., So, there must be proper accounting records to establish their business forecast in the long run. All that they need to do is to opt for Professional accounting & bookkeeping services for construction companies, especially as a business...
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