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5 Best Debt Management Tips For Businesses
Debts are a common phenomenon that occur in the business world. You shouldn’t always view them in a bad light. For instance, the capital that you borrow for your business expansion can be regarded as a good debt. However, you need to comprehend the wrong kind of debt too. This is because debts like high interest debts tend to add burden and will affect your...
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10 Common Accounting Terms That Every Business Should Know In 2023
At times, businesses might find it difficult to comprehend certain financial aspects due to their lack of knowledge of basic accounting terms. Sounds relatable? Fret not! We have created a list of 10 basic accounting terms that you need to know in 2023. Stay with us and read on.  1. Accounts payable(AP) Accounts payable, also known as payables, can be described as the aggregate amount...
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Your guide to a perfectly successful Tax Day
Introduction Filing taxes isn’t a tricky process anymore. Keep all the necessary documents ready and it will be wrapped up within half an hour. We suggest avoiding waiting till the last minute for a pressure-free experience. We suggest avoiding waiting till the last minute for a pressure-free experience. Being punctual in ITR filing can protect you from penalties (which may go up to 10,000) and...
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Some important features and the various stages of project financing
Project financing involves financing capital-intensive projects like energy, infrastructure, health care, construction, telecommunication, etc. These projects involve long term off- balance sheet investments using non-recourse financing solutions. Project finance is funded by a mix of equity, debt and loans, commonly known as Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The investors of a project are usually referred to as sponsors. They are usually institutional investors who will invest...
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Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Sustainable Investing
Sustainable investing, ESG integration and impact investing are all distinct in their aspects but have one thing in common. And that is the prerequisite knowledge for future investors as it grabs the focus of the entire ecosystem, including investors, asset managers, and stakeholders. Here is a list of the ten critical reasons why ESG and sustainable investing will stay. 1. ESG Offers a Fuller View...
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