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CPA and accountants are in huge demand because of the expertise that they provide in accounting, tax planning, audit/ assurance, and management services to small companies, large corporations, government, NGOs, and individuals. CPA firms and accountants need to be updated with the latest laws, regulations, standards, taxation policies, etc. Hence, they are always overloaded with several responsibilities which may have an adverse impact on their performance. It is therefore imperative for CPA and accountants to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting services to a third party in order to survive in today’s competitive business environment.  


With the growing trend of outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting, CPA firms and accountants are at a great advantage, they can easily outsource these mundane yet complex and important activities to financial outsourcing service providers for an adequate cost while they can invest their time in more crucial activities including investment plans, management services, taxation, etc.

 Key Features of Outsourcing service providers


Main features of Outsourcing service providers that are of benefit to CPA firms and accountants:

  Cost Saving:

CPAs and accountants being professional charge huge sums of money as their fees, in case of increased workload, they would need to hire more CPAs/ accountants of their likes and thus have to spend a huge deal of money. On the other hand, if they outsource their bookkeeping services, they would still get the same professional help but at a lower cost.

Increases innovation:

Outsourcing service providers use the latest accounting tools to provide the best client experience. Though many companies use the best of technologies and accounting software, hiring an outsourcing service provider gives companies an edge to get their work done more quickly and easily. Thus, they have a lot of time in hand to invest in thinking about how to better their business and services.

The greater level of efficiency:

CPAs and accountants providing services to small or medium-sized companies usually lack the necessary resources and well access to the best accounting tools.  By outsourcing bookkeeping activities, companies ensure that their productivity improves and their work efficiency increases through the use of this software.

Better infrastructure facility:

CPAs and accountants are highly professional and hence need good infrastructure and high internet speed for delivering their services. Since this is a costly affair, they can always outsource their bookkeeping services to avail the benefits of strong infrastructure that enables proper functioning at low costs.

Improved Economies of scale:

Outsourcing companies deal with many clients across various sectors having both small and large businesses. By outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services, CPAs and accountants can utilize the benefits of economies of scale by giving away the majority of their work and receiving professional help for all their clients at the lowest possible cost.

Reduce the response time:

As the outsourcing service provider is equipped with all the necessary resources, the regular accounting task can be easily completed within the stipulated time. So, CPAs and accountants can easily meet their deadlines and focus on other tasks like financial statement preparation, tax planning, etc. Outsourcing bookkeeping activity also ensures that the year-end work is reduced and there is less pressure on the in-house staff.

Services offered to CPA firms and accountants


There are a number of bookkeeping services offered to CPA firms and accountants by the outsourcing service providers like;

Bookkeeping services:

CPAs and accountants are entrusted with various value-added financial tasks leaving them with very little or no time for bookkeeping activities. By outsourcing this repetitive task of bookkeeping they can easily reduce their workload while ensuring that the quality of their service is maintained.

CPA Write-ups:

Write-ups are very important for CPA firms and outsourced service providers are fully aware of it. They design their services to maintain accounts receivables, ledger entries, accounts payable, tax filing notices within deadlines, etc. They provide both customized and regular write-ups based on their client’s needs.

Taxation Services:

Along with bookkeeping services, tax-related services like tax planning and preparation which are both tedious and expensive can also be outsourced by CPAs and accountants. Outsourced service providers are experts in understanding various elements of the Profit and Loss statement and can easily help various persons including individuals, HUF, corporates, etc. to manage their tax related activities and save their money.

Financial Statement Preparation services:

CPAs and accountants always have too much on their plate and they need to regularly update their clients’ financials. Without the updated statements a company’s financial health cannot be predicted correctly, it is at such times that outsourcing service providers come to CPA’s aid by ensuring that financial statements like balance sheet, profit, and loss, cash flows, etc. are all up-to-date with the latest standards and regulations.

Management Accounting services:

Outsourcing service providers help CPAs and accountants by preparing monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on management information. With such informed financial reports, visual aid reports like graphical charts, etc CPAs can help their customers by providing informed advice for better decision making. By outsourcing management accounting CPAs and accountants can develop their core competencies and provide better value-added services to their customers.

Diligen- one of the leading outsourcing providers in India is just what CPA firms and accountants need if they intend to outsource their financial services. Diligen promises to offer results that would require clients to just do some minimal checks, increase client’s productivity and also provide cost-effective solutions. Diligen’s team of experts has years of experience in providing services to CPA firms and meet all their business-related needs. Diligen provides results within the shortest possible turnaround time, this is truly beneficial to clients in both peak and lean accounting seasons. With Diligen to serve your bookkeeping and accounting needs, CPAs and accountants can save huge costs related to infrastructure, staffing, in-house training and monitoring staff, etc.


Diligen uses the latest accounting tools which provide almost 100% accuracy in bookkeeping and clients do not need to worry about the accuracy of their reports and can make informed business decisions. Handing over your bookkeeping and accounting services to Diligen ensures that CPAs will have ample time to take care of their old clients and also attract new customers. Diligen has a solid track record of providing the best quality services to their clients, so look no further and tap their expert services right away.

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