Virtual CFO services have taken up the business scene by storm. There is a growing realization among start-ups or small businesses about the advantages or benefits of hiring a virtual CFO. Having said this, it is also a fact that vCFO services are not the go-to solution for all businesses. The million-dollar question we ponder...
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An average person may interchangeably use the different financial job roles like bookkeeper, accountant, financial controller, etc. mostly because of ignorance. The distinction between a bookkeeper, an accountant, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a chartered accountant (CA), a controller and a CFO might not be substantial for the layperson, yet they are as different...
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According to the startup India website, India holds the position for being the 3rd largest startup economy in the world with 2-3 startups being born every day. Though these numbers seem comforting, it is also true that 80 pct of the startups usually fail at their onset due to poor financial management.  A CFO can provide...
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