Compliance Management
John C. Maxwell once said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. What a leader is for a team, the CFO is for an organization. The CFO is the head of financial operations and is in charge of all the financial activities. Being in charge of the...
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Due Diligence
The famous entrepreneur of the 17th century, William Penn, mentioned diligence and patience as the two qualities which like faith, can move mountains. Diligence is not a new concept, but lately, its significance in the business world is more recognised. So, what is due diligence? It is an extensive appraisal of the different aspects of...
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Compliance is the buzzword in every business nowadays. The role of the compliance officer thus becomes an integral part of the business framework. As per a report published in the daily ‘The Hindu’, Meta and WhatsApp were scouting for a Compliance Officer or nodal contact in India. The curiosity in knowing more about the role...
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What is most difficult about any business other than running it? Ask any business person this question and the answer will most likely be the same. It is to make sure that they meet all the mandatory compliances for the business to run legally. This is, undoubtedly, a tedious task, but it is there for...
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risk management
It is said that you are risking everything even when you decide to risk nothing. Risk… such is its presence in business. The concept of risk management and compliance management came into practice due to the sole existence of the element of Risk in a business organization.  Risk Management and Compliance Management, are two indispensable...
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The word “audit” always rings a bell and stresses people who consider it to be an investigation or a process that monitors the efficiency and security of a company. An audit does find risks and vulnerabilities but this is done to identify wastages, bottlenecks and find solutions that help companies to achieve their goals.  A....
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