What are the best accounting practices to use for an online business?
Online businesses have seen a potential future due to the pandemic.  The online platform was always popular. But with Covid-19, the popularity has doubled.  A growing business requires a simple solution to manage transactions. If you have an online business account and are looking to track the expenses, you need to read this blog.  8...
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The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Tax Planning And Strategy
The famous saying, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned,’ holds. As an eligible taxpaying citizen of the country, there are several ways to save on taxes legally. In doing so, there are a few common tax-saving mistakes that you must avoid. To help you with it, we’ve detailed them below. 1. Planning tax savings...
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3 Signs You Need To outsource Bookkeeping Of Your Business
Finance is the lifeblood of every business. Funds are required to begin, grow and sustain a business. Though the founding team mainly does funds management, CEO/COO/CXO/CFO, accounting professionals take care of the accounting process. Read on to find out the best hands to manage your business accounts. Traditional working methods Businesses have been employing accounting...
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Major Challenges of Accounts Payable Processing and How to Overcome Them
Introduction The accounts payable department is an important section of any corporation that manages day-to-day commercial operations. It is in charge of monitoring cash flow, protecting against fraud, and maintaining vendor relationships. However, inherent difficulties in accounts payable generate unnecessary disturbances in the firm operation, delaying payment and collecting unpaid receipts. In this post, we’ll...
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Its been nearly three years since the GST law was introduced in India. While many have managed to fall in line with this new regime of taxation, many are still struggling to do so. In addition, the government has been diligently updating the system, keeping the GST taxpayers on their toes to meet with the...
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Complete Guide For An Indian Citizen: How To Claim Credit On Foreign Tax Paid
The Internet has brought the world closer by providing a means to uninterrupted and constant access to the virtual connection. This has led to people regularly shopping and doing business with citizens of other nations. Income from other countries has become common, and with this comes the responsibility of paying taxes.  In this blog, you...
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15 Ways To Save Tax Legally That You Should Consider Now
There is multiple productive way of saving tax. You head that right. Now taxpayers can easily save tax legally. Most taxpayers are unaware of tax-free income. With the amount saved, taxpayers can invest double and drive better revenue. But how is it possible save tax legally? Diligen gives you 15 productive way of saving tax...
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msme feature
The year 2020 has opened up new avenues for the highly vibrant and dynamic Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector of the Indian economy with our Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi announcing “Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan” i.e. Self – Reliant India.   Manufacturing enterprises and enterprises rendering services are classified as micro, small, and medium...
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