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As the number of redundancies soars and the media continues to report on the distressing economic times, many businesses are flooded with strong emotions and a sense of ambiguity. Yet, businesses are expected to adapt and adjust these alerting situations and demanding conditions. In the past as well, in each of these times of hardship companies have had to learn to cope with the economic crisis, and to survive it. Be it the Great Depression or the several Recessions that the world has witnessed – history shows us that surviving economic crises is possible and they do eventually in the end.

So, if you are a businessman tackling the uncertainties of your company and want to not only sustain, but also thrive during tough economic times – here what you need to do!

Follow the below-listed ways to make your business thrive in tough economic times:

1. Control your cash flow

 Monitor and control your cash flow as it is the lifeline of your business. The movement of money is extremely important. Your business must have incoming and outgoing channels of money for the business to thrive. Also, as a businessman, you must think of broadening your business in ways that reduce expenses and offer more movement of incoming cash. You must diversify, venture into the current market demands and fulfill them. The goal is to bring more income than you must spend on expenses.

2. Manage company’s finance closely

Securing the finances for your business is important. Always have a financial backup plan for your business and analyze your revenue projections. You should build up a cash reserves plan to meet the business expenses for the next 6-12 months. However, if you haven’t done these things during the good times, then the option is to manage the company’s finances closely now. Cut every cost possible, budget carefully, and continue to make only the most crucial payments – such as rent/mortgage, insurance premiums, utility bills, etc.

3. Know your niche market

Your businesses will have a better possibility of succeeding if you identify and target a niche market. Create a niche within your original customer base and classify your audience more especially so that you can create a niche market for your business and target strategically. If possible, you may focus on new projects or partner with thriving businesses to create a niche market for your business to thrive and have a stable revenue stream regardless of economic conditions.

Research and analyse competitors

4. Research and analyze competitors

If you want your business to thrive, you must continue to explore new markets and expand your customer base. Appealing new customers will constantly allow your business to flourish, even in tough times. But with a limited market reach how can you find new customers? The best way to do this is to research and analyze your competition. Understand your competition and take consequent measures to appeal to the competitor’s customers. An added service, a discount, or anything different that would convert your competitor customers must be done. You may also hold a survey for the customers to recognize the likes or dislikes of the product, service, or company to ultimately mend your own business.

Research and analyse competitors

5. Invest in cost-effective marketing

Many businesses stop marketing or cut back heavily on their marketing budgets. The key is to understand how much to spend on marketing and where to spend on marketing, especially during tough economic times. Customers can be relentless and quickly change their buying decisions. As a businessman, if you want to thrive, you must continue to invest in cost-effective marketing channels that result in definite ROI. So do not quit marketing and set up your marketing efforts cost-effectively.

6. Concentrate on core competencies

Concentrate on core competencies to thrive during difficult economic times. Go back to basics and focus on the core competencies of your business. While it is important to diversify, it is equally essential to concentrate and showcase the core of your business or brand. Core competencies are crucial characteristics of a business and will allow you to stand out from the competition. Classifying and exploring core competencies also offers businesses to stay remarkable.

 7. Ensure you have a good credit score

The credit score has a direct impact on the financial life of the business. Hence, ensuring that you have a good credit score during economic downturns can be a great aid to thrive in your business. Some of the things that you can do to ensure a great credit score is to check your credit report and make sure the information is accurate and up to date. You must also reduce credit utilization and not get caught up with past due payments. Companies with good to exceptional credit scores have the best chances of getting loans approved even during economic crises. Having an added fund to your rescue can boost your company evidently.

Tough economic times and market conditions create financial adversity for most companies. Yet, not all businesses suffer if a good defensive mechanism is applied right from the time of incorporation. Businesses can most definitely thrive in tough economic times, if the decision-makers of the company have the required knowledge to channelize finance and determine customer behavior.

Implement the above-listed ways to help your small business survive and even allow it to thrive during tough economic times. Nevertheless, if you are already struggling, have applied the above-listed ways and don’t see any path to thrive your business during these tough economic times, and then talk to a financial expert from Diligen.

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