Manikyala Rao

Manik - CEO

Mr.  Manikyala Rao

“Mr. Manikyala Rao is the Founder & CEO of Diligen. He has more than 30 years of experience in Finance & Accounting domain. Prior to founding his current company, he worked in the Manufacturing, Retail, and Service industries.

As a result of his work in East Africa and the Middle East, he gained a thorough understanding of local laws, cultures, and successfully implemented various internal controls successfully.

He worked as Senior Vice President for a large corporation before starting Diligen and has helped  the management in acquiring more than 15 companies. He gained substantial experience during that time in transitioning work to India, conducting due diligence, consolidations, Mergers. His extensive  experience in industry helped company in developing harmonious HR Policies, Labour laws, Legal laws.

He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta in applied finance, has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Andhra University and also he is certified in IFRS.