Accounting outsourcing
improve the accounting systems of your business
Introduction Having a robust, reliable and dynamic accounting system forms the cornerstone of your business. Accounting systems help business owners keep a track of the business’s financial health. Good financial systems will also identify problems before they get out of hand. If you don’t know whether your company has a strategy to develop, adopt and...
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Outsourced accounting services That Leverage Technology for Better Results
Emerging technological developments and outsourced accounting services have redefined the accounting industry. They are helping companies to play in fair competition using artificial intelligence and automation. These advanced accounting tools and techniques not only minimize the time required to do repetitive jobs but also provide error free reports that help in analysis and decision making...
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Solutions for small business owners to overcome their accounting challenges
Small businesses face many challenges and roadblocks while carrying on their day-to-day operations as compared to larger organizations that are well equipped to encounter them. Small business owners juggle between various tasks and thus accounting as a business function takes a back seat, which ultimately affects their business growth, profitability and survival. Some simple solutions...
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Tax Compliance Tracker
Every taxpayer in India needs to fulfill their statutory obligations as per the due dates set by various authorities. It is important for individuals and various business entities to have a tax compliance tracker, which ensures that they do not miss any deadline. Entities have to comply with many tax-related compliances, like submitting various GSTR,...
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Taxation is an inevitable task for every business. The famous words of Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the United States, that there is nothing in the world that is as certain as death and taxes, highlight this point. New businesses have the burden of different types of costs. One of the top contributors to...
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How To Save Money On Your Income Tax This Year: 9 Tips For Professionals And Salaried Persons Tax planning, in simple terms, is nothing other than organizing the income to avail the deductions or rebates to bring down the tax liabilities legally. Though it sounds easy, it is one of the hardest to follow through....
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Bookkeeping is an understated yet crucial part of accounting and financial management. The role of bookkeeping is to record the financial transactions of a business. It is the stepping stone to making informed decisions regarding the sustainability and scalability of a business. That is why the former CEO and founder of Visa, Dee Ward Hock,...
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Financial Reports
Businesses need financial data and information to understand the present state of operations and to predict future opportunities. Financial reports help owners and management to focus on important aspects of financial data. More so, financial reports help the organization stay focused on its business operations. And ensure their goals and objectives are being achieved as...
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Due Diligence
The famous entrepreneur of the 17th century, William Penn, mentioned diligence and patience as the two qualities which like faith, can move mountains. Diligence is not a new concept, but lately, its significance in the business world is more recognised. So, what is due diligence? It is an extensive appraisal of the different aspects of...
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A good Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ensures good financial management and a good financial management ensures business success. Many businesses having good ideas eventually fail unless they carefully manage their finances. A CFO is the senior most financial officer who looks after the finances of the company and takes strategic financial decisions of an organization....
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