Growing importance of ESG investing
The increasing demand for ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) investing is pushing corporates to become more responsible socially. Organizations are becoming more aware of the challenges and the negative impact of climate change and biodiversity losses that now stare at the world. With this view, organizations are now focusing on considering non-financial factors in the...
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limitations of e-commerce businesses that you must know in 2022
Introduction Thanks to the growing strength of the internet, e-commerce is rapidly evolving across the globe. As per research, the Indian e-commerce industry has the potential to outperform more mature markets and become the third largest market in the world with US$ 350 billion by 2030. Have you been thinking of setting up an e-commerce...
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ways to save time and money in accounting and bookkeeping
A business owner is very keen to track every business expense in the initial stage.  But as the business grows, the process gets complicated.  In such cases, managing business and accounts tend to become tedious.  But what if we told you there is a more straightforward way to manage time and money in accounting? To...
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6 simple tricks to avoiding business financial frauds in 2023
Online fraud has become accustomed to top businesses of today. Multiple well-established brands fall under the pit of financial statement fraud. Understanding and protecting yourself from illegal acts can save you from heaving losses and bankruptcy. There are multiple fraud examples that answer the why of this action. Thus, to avoid them, this blog shares...
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3 Signs You Need To outsource Bookkeeping Of Your Business
Finance is the lifeblood of every business. Funds are required to begin, grow and sustain a business. Though the founding team mainly does funds management, CEO/COO/CXO/CFO, accounting professionals take care of the accounting process. Read on to find out the best hands to manage your business accounts. Traditional working methods Businesses have been employing accounting...
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Outsourced accounting services That Leverage Technology for Better Results
Emerging technological developments and outsourced accounting services have redefined the accounting industry. They are helping companies to play in fair competition using artificial intelligence and automation. These advanced accounting tools and techniques not only minimize the time required to do repetitive jobs but also provide error free reports that help in analysis and decision making...
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A Complete Comprehensive Guide About E-Invoice Under GST
When it comes to GST in 2020, the most major and extensively publicized change has been e-invoicing. Industry-specific invoicing procedures have existed. Despite the proprietary methods of preparing invoices, the overall taxpayers welcomed the unified approach to e-invoicing. Understanding E-Invoice Under GST Under GST, E-invoicing is abbreviated and more often known as an E-invoice. E-invoice...
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The perks of outsourcing finance and accounting services are multiple. The common one beings save time, is a cost-effective method, etc. Today multiple small and medium-sized businesses are rendering this outsourcing services with confidence. What makes them trust these book-keeping services is exactly what our blog will cover today.  Why Should Your Business Outsource Finance...
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Start-up Fundraising Checklist
You may have the best idea for your start-up that is bound to be a successful venture. However, raising funds for a start-up is always a challenging task. In this article you can find the key points for fund raising checklist for start ups. Entrepreneurs need funds in their early stages of business for both...
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Bookkeeping services techniques
Bookkeeping is the backbone of any business. Business owners must aware of these basic techniques for their business growth. It not only serves the purpose of recording business related transactions but is also very useful for; Tracking inventories, assets and liabilities  Securing investments Preventing and detecting frauds Preparing and filing income tax returns Preparing financial...
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