From the Wheel to Motorcycles… we evolved…  From Cave paintings to VR systems… we evolved…  From Hieroglyphics to Modern Language… we evolved…  Here we are, from binary to AI, witnessing the biggest evolution mankind could ever forge from our own hands. The next day looks fast. The coming week looks planned. The future looks bright....
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Proper cash flow management is fundamental for every type of business. Especially in an event of market crisis – such as the current economic challenges posed due to COVID-19, businesses are facing disruption in supply chains, uncertain financial markets, a decline in sales and production, etc. These factors have majorly impacted businesses creating a cash...
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fundamentals of accounting
As a startup firm learning which financial services you will need to run your business smoothly is essential. Understand that even startup companies need a lot of backing to maintain their finance. Such as financial advisory services, banking assistance, taxation advise accounting, and bookkeeping services among others. The recent trend among startup companies is to...
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