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How To Save Money On Your Income Tax This Year: 9 Tips For Professionals And Salaried Persons Tax planning, in simple terms, is nothing other than organizing the income to avail the deductions or rebates to bring down the tax liabilities legally. Though it sounds easy, it is one of the hardest to follow through....
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Due Diligence
The famous entrepreneur of the 17th century, William Penn, mentioned diligence and patience as the two qualities which like faith, can move mountains. Diligence is not a new concept, but lately, its significance in the business world is more recognised. So, what is due diligence? It is an extensive appraisal of the different aspects of...
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The pandemic has forced the business world to change in more ways than one. It was responsible for fast-tracking the digital transformation in business. It is also transforming in leaps and bounds. The accounting division of many organizations started working remotely. Adaptability became the buzzword for sustaining a business.   The year 2021 saw a continual...
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Enterprise risk management
Risk is the uncertainty of an event happening in the future. This uncertainty deviates an organization from achieving desired outcomes and hence it has to be managed. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) involves various strategies that identify potential business risks and analyze them to provide appropriate responses to mitigate and minimize any losses that would have...
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The year 2021 has so far seen mutant varieties of Covid-19 virus, second wave and third wave of the pandemic in many countries, and multiple lockdowns in most places. Every news is not so bleak and there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine is invented and the start-ups and businesses...
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Accounting service
  Managing the financial aspects is a crucial operation for any type of business or commercial entity. Businesses need to account and track incomes and expenses consistently to analyze the financial standing of the company. Through accounting and bookkeeping, companies can create accurate financial reports, check the efficiency of their operations, and analyze where improvements...
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