financial management
improve the accounting systems of your business
Introduction Having a robust, reliable and dynamic accounting system forms the cornerstone of your business. Accounting systems help business owners keep a track of the business’s financial health. Good financial systems will also identify problems before they get out of hand. If you don’t know whether your company has a strategy to develop, adopt and...
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ways to save time and money in accounting and bookkeeping
A business owner is very keen to track every business expense in the initial stage.  But as the business grows, the process gets complicated.  In such cases, managing business and accounts tend to become tedious.  But what if we told you there is a more straightforward way to manage time and money in accounting? To...
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Taxation is an inevitable task for every business. The famous words of Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the United States, that there is nothing in the world that is as certain as death and taxes, highlight this point. New businesses have the burden of different types of costs. One of the top contributors to...
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A good Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ensures good financial management and a good financial management ensures business success. Many businesses having good ideas eventually fail unless they carefully manage their finances. A CFO is the senior most financial officer who looks after the finances of the company and takes strategic financial decisions of an organization....
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The fear of a new variant of Covid-19- Omicron, and the rising cases of infections and deaths, has affected the Indian economy to a great extent. The government is always trying to ease and provide relief to its citizens. One way of providing this relief is by extending the deadlines for filing various compliances like...
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after covid
Crises are inevitable and so is the case of the Covid-19 pandemic which suddenly took everyone by surprise and all the nations of the world were unprepared and stood blank in front of the deadly virus that just stared back at our face forcing the world to go into lockdown. This serious Covid-19 crisis had...
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If we look around us, we will be amazed by the fact that everything we use is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), right from our smartphones to the applications we use on it, smart speakers, televisions, smartwatches, air conditioners, refrigerators, and a lot more. AI has touched every aspect of our lives and it wouldn’t...
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The financial management of any business, big or small is crucial to their success. There is no single success mantra to pursue in financial management services. Along with the proven accounting rules, it is the age-old wisdom along with experience which helps in managing financial services. The two rules that the famous Warren Buffet gives...
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outsourced bookkeeping
  They say that a small leak can sink a ship, do you know what is better than fixing the leak…? Making sure that there are none!  That is what Bookkeeping is all about, it is the first step of financial management.  Bookkeeping can be described more as an on-going task, than as a single activity....
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