financial planning
how fin serv help
“Every time you state what you want or believe, you are the first to hear it. It is a message to both you and others on what YOU think is possible”, is a famous quote by the media mogul, Oprah Winfrey. Entrepreneurs are born from such thoughts, where the possibilities are visible to them, and...
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Running a small business involves taking decisions on a number of business aspects related to products, services, marketing, advertisement, administration, finances, etc. While all other aspects can be taken care of by the businessman on his own, finance and accounting needs special attention, that’s where an Accountant comes into the picture. Accounting interprets the financial...
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outsourced bookkeeping
  They say that a small leak can sink a ship, do you know what is better than fixing the leak…? Making sure that there are none!  That is what Bookkeeping is all about, it is the first step of financial management.  Bookkeeping can be described more as an on-going task, than as a single activity....
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CFO tools
Every morning a CFO is greeted with numerous reports the moment he checks his email and till he reaches his desk he has already planned his meetings and the decisions he would take along the day. Such is the evolution of the business environment which is dynamic and rapidly changing, with every change the CFO...
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CFO vs VCFO: A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as the name suggests plays a very significant role in managing the firm’s income and expenses, he is responsible for making various decisions related to investments, financial planning, tracking cash flows, taxes, etc. Thus, a CFO’s role is very significant in an organization and he is one...
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