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Good Tax planning will help you enjoy the results of your following Income Tax returns. While the 2022 tax season is complete, there is no time to take a relaxed position. The best way to save on taxes is to acknowledge the list of significant returns. There are multiple tax-saving investments available that demand your...
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Say Goodbye to FRAUD and THEFT!   When it comes to business/finance, we all want to feel safe and secure. Theft and fraud are serious issues that we should all be aware of. So, if you want to learn more about fraud and security scams, keep reading!   Nowadays, dealing with money scams and online...
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Enterprise risk management
Risk is the uncertainty of an event happening in the future. This uncertainty deviates an organization from achieving desired outcomes and hence it has to be managed. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) involves various strategies that identify potential business risks and analyze them to provide appropriate responses to mitigate and minimize any losses that would have...
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Finance and accounting are crucial business functions that require professional and expert handling. It involves effective management of revenue and expenditure enabling companies to control their business. For this very reason, finance and accounting are known as the backbone of any business. Though accounting involves recording and reporting financial transactions based on both present and...
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CFO featured
According to the startup India website, India holds the position for being the 3rd largest startup economy in the world with 2-3 startups being born every day. Though these numbers seem comforting, it is also true that 80 pct of the startups usually fail at their onset due to poor financial management.  A CFO can provide...
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financial strategy
The world shook on its axis when the pandemic was declared in the year 2020. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the human race and every industry has felt the shock waves. After the initial lull, people started adapting to the new norm by wearing a mask and bringing school and...
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