risk assessments
Enterprise risk management
Risk is the uncertainty of an event happening in the future. This uncertainty deviates an organization from achieving desired outcomes and hence it has to be managed. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) involves various strategies that identify potential business risks and analyze them to provide appropriate responses to mitigate and minimize any losses that would have...
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risk management
The role of the CFO has evolved into more than financial management over the years. The CFO should be the master of strategies, an expert on risk management, and a business all-rounder. According to Deloitte’s CFO signal report for the second quarter of 2021, 65 percent of the CFOs favored taking on risks. To quote...
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CFO vs VCFO: A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as the name suggests plays a very significant role in managing the firm’s income and expenses, he is responsible for making various decisions related to investments, financial planning, tracking cash flows, taxes, etc. Thus, a CFO’s role is very significant in an organization and he is one...
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due diligence
Due Diligence is an exercise of care, carried out before entering into an agreement, business venture, mergers, and acquisitions, etc. Due- Diligence is also interchangeably used for investigation, audit, or performance review. It is a very comprehensive process requiring experienced professionals who make a detailed study of the organization’s objectives, culture, management, processes, people, resources,...
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