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15 Ways To Save Tax Legally That You Should Consider Now
There is multiple productive way of saving tax. You head that right. Now taxpayers can easily save tax legally. Most taxpayers are unaware of tax-free income. With the amount saved, taxpayers can invest double and drive better revenue. But how is it possible save tax legally? Diligen gives you 15 productive way of saving tax...
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Section 194R
A new section 194R- TDS on benefits or perquisites provided has been introduced in the Finance Act, 2022. Section 194R is applicable with effect from July 01, 2022.  Some important things about Section 194R Its Aim: Earlier companies/ perquisite providers would provide perquisites and/or benefits in either cash or kind to their distributors, channel partners,...
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Tax Compliance Tracker
Every taxpayer in India needs to fulfill their statutory obligations as per the due dates set by various authorities. It is important for individuals and various business entities to have a tax compliance tracker, which ensures that they do not miss any deadline. Entities have to comply with many tax-related compliances, like submitting various GSTR,...
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A virtual bookkeeper assists you in implementing a financial procedure that enhances your firm and creates an effective follow-up.
Many business owners seek total control of their firm, because of which they neglect to outsource non-core services such as bookkeeping. However, a prevalent misperception is that it is more expensive to do so than to manage the procedures internally. On the contrary, outsourcing your accounting back office to a virtual bookkeeping assistant might improve...
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Good Tax planning will help you enjoy the results of your following Income Tax returns. While the 2022 tax season is complete, there is no time to take a relaxed position. The best way to save on taxes is to acknowledge the list of significant returns. There are multiple tax-saving investments available that demand your...
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5 Reasons That Will Convince You To Outsource Your Tax Preparation
Tax preparation becomes more straightforward with the experts in this job role. Hiring new individuals can do the job. However, only an expert will be able to prepare your taxes on time and assist you better. Thus to confirm your investment in outsourcing tax preparation, here are five reasons.  1. Saves Time The number one...
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Tax Law Changes
Come April 1st, 2022 and with it, a new financial year, 2022-2023, brings several changes in tax laws. The Union Budget 2022-2023 has brought about several amendments to the Income Tax Act that would be effective from April 1st, 2022. The government has announced several proposals that are bound to bring about a substantial change...
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Tax tips
According to Albert Einstein, one of the brightest minds ever seen, the hardest thing in the world to understand is the taxes. And it is rightly so. With the changes and additions in the tax laws year after year, it becomes a challenge to the unversed to tackle taxation. The pandemic has further complicated the...
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