virtual CFO
accounting software
C-suite executives (CEO, CFO, COO) have a quintessential part in the success of any business. These three roles have to work in tandem for the achievement of the business goals. The role of a chief financial officer or CFO, in simple terms, is to manage the lifeblood of any business- the finance department. The major...
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CFO tools
Every morning a CFO is greeted with numerous reports the moment he checks his email and till he reaches his desk he has already planned his meetings and the decisions he would take along the day. Such is the evolution of the business environment which is dynamic and rapidly changing, with every change the CFO...
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Businesses are facing a complex and dynamic commercial environment. Not just the current pandemic situation, but markets are shifting each year with an agenda to find newer business models. The subsequent goal is to find cost-effective, extra-productive, and insightful results. One such initiative made by accounting companies is the expansion of virtual CFO services. The...
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