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The year 2021 has so far seen mutant varieties of Covid-19 virus, second wave and third wave of the pandemic in many countries, and multiple lockdowns in most places. Every news is not so bleak and there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine is invented and the start-ups and businesses are trying to revive their losses by reimagining the business processes. Outsourcing accounting services have gained momentum in popularity. They ease the workload of the business efficiently. 

In the pre-pandemic era, the acceptance of outsourced services was progressing at a slower rate. As Satya Nadella commented, two years’ worth of digital transformation happened in two months. Now the businesses have realized the potential of outsourcing accounting or financial services. The following are the primary benefits of outsourcing accounting services.


1. Cost Reduction and Time-saving

The most important and universally acknowledged benefit of outsourcing accounting services is the reduction in the turnaround time of processes and money. When the accounting is done in-house, the constant monitoring of the processes and the work done takes up a significant time. When it is outsourced, in place of the time dedicated for the streamlining of the services, it can be used for the expansion and growth of the business. 

The cost involved in maintaining an in-house team involves their salary, provident funds, bonuses which when added up will always be more than if outsourced. It is found that a business can save 30 to 50 percent by outsourcing when compared to the cost involved in maintaining an in-house team. In addition, is the reduction in the cost of office space and office facilities. After all, in business, time is money!


2. Efficiency and Accuracy Improvement

It is not always possible to provide technical support to the in-house team due to multiple reasons like cost, lack of training facilities, etc. The lack of such tools and incompetency can lead to errors. When accuracy is compromised, the efficiency of the entire business is reduced. The financial service providers will use the best technology available, and accuracy is the top-most priority. This will substantially improve the efficiency of the whole business. 


3. No Compromise on Data Security

The financials are the most tightly held in any business. That will be the first concern any business will have when outsourcing. Any reputed financial service providers, like Diligen, will make it their front burner to protect the financial data of their clients. In addition, the clients can sign a non-disclosure agreement with the financial service providers, if needed to seal the protection of data. 


4. Improved Compliance

There will always be amendments and updates on the tax policies and financial laws. There is every possibility of missing an important date or ignorance of an important amendment of the tax or financial laws by the in-house team. The non-compliance with the law or missing an important date comes with a heavy price. The financial service providers will be aptly updated regarding every change in the financial sector. They will provide reminders to the business for every tax payment and see to it that every law is complied with. 


5. Financial Analysis

A good financial service provider does the job of a true friend. They will inform the business about the good and bad of an investment the business wants to foray into or initiate change in the bad financial habits prevailing in the company. Also, they will guide the business in profit and wealth maximization. They help the business in making informed decisions regarding every financial aspect. When the business is cautioned about the pitfalls and informed about the advantages, what more should a business want. 


6. Easy Accessibility

It is difficult for the business to employ experts in their business due to the cost involved. This can be easily rectified by outsourcing accounting services. The financial services provider will have trained experts who will be indirectly accessible to the business. Data accessibility is also easier due to the technology used by financial service providers. 


The above-mentioned advantages or benefits of outsourcing accounting services were always there, but the awareness of the same has increased in the year 2021. When businesses are looking out for multiple ways to sustain or improve the business, the option of outsourcing will prove to be an effective and efficient one.  It is equally important to finding the best-suited and reputed financial service provider. Diligen has a clientele with high satisfaction and appreciation as their feedback. 

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