Why is India the best place to outsource accounting services?

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Managing the financial aspects is a crucial operation for any type of business or commercial entity. Businesses need to account and track incomes and expenses consistently to analyze the financial standing of the company. Through accounting and bookkeeping, companies can create accurate financial reports, check the efficiency of their operations, and analyze where improvements are required.

An accounting team can ensure that company’s finances are managed accurately. However, this can be resource-intensive and expensive for the company. Hence, it is ideal to outsource accounting services to a specialized accounting service provider.

Why is India specifically the best place to hire an accounting service provider?

The number on reason why companies across the world prefer to outsource accounting work to India is because of the significant cost savings. Businesses can hire the best accounting services provider in India at just 40% to 50% of the cost. Moreover, accounting and bookkeeping service providers in India consistently offer reliable and high-quality assistance. This ensures India to remain as the top outsourcing destination for accounting work!

For SME’s and small businesses, accounting the entity’s finances and maintaining their books is an important task. But, hiring an entire accounting team, training the bookkeeping staff, and purchasing the best bookkeeping software can be pricey. With outsourcing accounting work to India, companies can focus on their core competency is not bookkeeping. Businesses can disregard the need of having an accounting team and eliminate the extensive hiring process to save a lot of time and money.

Still not sure? Let’s check out the various reasons why everyone else is outsourcing accounting work to India:

  • Increased Efficiency

Outsourcing accounting work to India allows businesses to concentrate on their core competencies. This enables them to streamline their processes, expand productivity and increase efficiency. Outsourcing accounting work to India also helps in handling advanced business finance situations such as M&A, investor relations, by offering access to skilled financial experts, as and when required. This further provides the businesses with a certain level of scalability, ultimately increasing overall efficiency.

  • Cost-Effective

By outsourcing accounting work to India, businesses can handle more amount of work and generate more revenue with limited staff. High-quality financial services are offered at a low operational cost. Qualified professionals and operational costs are also economical, encouraging companies to outsource their accounting work in India.

  • Advanced Innovation & Technology

Outsourcing accounting work to India is more popular than ever before due to the integration of advanced innovation and technology. Accountants of foreign companies and internationally reputed CPA firms outsource accounting work to India. This is mainly because Indian accounting service providers have scaled up by using advanced innovation and technological tools. Accounting service providers in India offer tools – such as RPA, artificial intelligence, cloud-based technology, mobile applications, etc.

  • Advantageous Time Zone

India offers an advantageous time zone! The time differences between India and most developed countries enable Indian accounting firms to assist foreign companies 24/7. Moreover, the time zone permits accounting service providers in India to be constantly accessible all throughout the day. There are ample of office in India which work on a day shift and night shift basis. It also offers opportunities to ensure that tasks are completed earlier than predicted. The highly advantageous time zone leads to greater efficiency and increased productivity. This allows accountants of foreign companies and international CPA firms with more time at hand to work on other responsibilities.

  • Highly Qualified Accountants

Access highly qualified accountants offering the best and most satisfactory financial services. Accountants in India follow international standards and are trained in global accounting languages such as US GAAP, IFRA etc. These seasoned accounting managers and highly skilled accounts professionals offer the best accounting services. They also have a thorough understanding of the latest accounting and finance software. Hence, foreign companies and CPA firms prefer outsourcing accounting work to India.

Diverse Expertise

  • Simplify Tax Compliance

CPA firms and overseas company accountants have a lot of responsibilities related to their core competencies. Thus, ensuring to stay up-to-date with the tax laws and the altering legislative procedures can be difficult. Outsourcing accounting work to India does not only provide cutting-edge accounting services, but also expands time to increase the knowledgebase.

  • Uncompromised Security

Accounting data can be extremely complex and sensitive in nature. Because of which – businesses have to ascertain the safety and security standards practiced by the outsourced accounting service provider. However, outsourcing accounting work to India offers uncompromised security and safeguards important company data. Accounting service providers in India maintain discretion and sign confidentiality agreements. India has data security policies in place and data protection acts to guard crucial financial information and client data.

  • Diverse Expertise

Indian accounting service providers work with a wide range of industries across countries and recognize international best practices to offer diverse expertise. CPAs, Chartered Accountants, and financial gurus in India are also qualified and trained to provide international clients with a series of financial expertise. Moreover, as it is not feasible for businesses to hire a diverse in-house accounting staff – outsourcing accounting work to India becomes a preferred option.


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