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Businesses are facing a complex and dynamic commercial environment. Not just the current pandemic situation, but markets are shifting each year with an agenda to find newer business models. The subsequent goal is to find cost-effective, extra-productive, and insightful results. One such initiative made by accounting companies is the expansion of virtual CFO services. The technological advances have made virtual CFO services an effective option as it is driven by experienced, skilled, and real-time individuals or entities.

But if you wondering whether VCFO services will be the right move for your company? And you are questioning yourself why should you appoint a virtual CFO? Then we at Diligenare here to help you!

Diligen is a one-stop service provider for all your accounting and financial needs. We offer you the best virtual CFO services. We assist you on a real-time basis and support you in financial decision making. To experience it yourself, request a free consultation and know our level of understanding and expertise.

Click here to contact us Nevertheless if you are still not sure, we have explained the benefits of virtual CFO, defined the roles, and analyzed the need for VCFO services in this article. We are here to help you understand what a virtual CFO does to support your business.

The Responsibility & Role of Virtual CFO:

A Virtual Chief Financial Officer boosts the financial visibility of a company. With VCFO services you can have complete control of the monetary aspects of the business. As a result, businessmen are in a position of better decision making. A virtual CFO exactly follows the same responsibilities as a full-time CFO. The definitive responsibility or role of virtual CFO is to amalgamate finance, strategy and operations– so that you as a business owner can construct long-term goals.

Listed below are the responsibilities and roles of a virtual CFO:

Chief Financial Officer

  • The role of a virtual CFO is to supervise the financial department and ensure accurate reports are formed.
  • It is the responsibility of the virtual CFO to sustain financial stability and predict any hindrance related to the finance of the company.
  • VCFO accountants make sure that the profit figures are factual and the projection is reasonably reflected.
  • VCFO services help business owners to establish strong internal controls of their financial and accounting teams.
  • Virtual CFO creates a timely budget plan and ensures to maintain the company’s expense as well as define income as per the budget.
  • VCFO accountants work towards financial risk management and mitigate the risks involved in the business.
  • Virtual CFO connects with the management within the company to evaluate the organization’s performance and develop common financial goals.
  • For SME’s & start-ups, the virtual CFOs establish inventive financial plans, so that small business can see growth and compete with large enterprises.

What are the Benefits of Virtual CFO?

Every type of business can benefit from Virtual CFO services. Virtual CFO services offer expertise and accessibility that is essential to optimize the company’s financial and accounting agenda.

Listed below are some of the benefits of virtual CFOs:

  • Affordability: A virtual CFO is affordable than a salaried in-house CFO with the same qualification and skill. VCFO services are just like having a full-time CFO in a company. However, full-time VCFO accountants and officers are pricey, unlike the virtual ones. You can appoint a virtual CFO for a fraction of the cost and use the saved money on other accounting operations.
  • Vastly Experienced: Contrasting to a salaried CFO, a Virtual Chief Financial Officer is vastly experienced and has a large network. A virtual CFO works with multiple organizations and has industry-specific experience and knowledge. Because of this, as a business owner, you will certainly have insightful assistance.
  • International Standards: The best virtual CFOs always practice international standards – be it preparing the financial budget or drafting reports. VFCO accountants work with several types of companies across the world. Hence, they practice international standards specific to each country or business type. This offers familiarity and relevance to the business owners.
  • Highly Reliable: A virtual CFO is a highly reliable option. They ensure your business information is kept safe at all times and work in the complete interest of your company. A credible accounting firm offers reliable virtual CFO services with proper non-disclosure agreements. However, it is best to opt for a reliable virtual CFO from an accounting service provider, rather than a freelance CFO.
  • Exclusive Insights: A virtual chief financial officer is an entity or individual aimed at offering exclusive insights and strategic solutions. A virtual CFO is entirely focused on increasing the financial potential of the company through tactical implementations.

Why Should You Appoint A Virtual CFO?

Appoint A Virtual CFO

If you are still searching for reasons why you should appoint a virtual CFO, then book a free consultation with an expert at Diligen.

Appoint Diligen as your Virtual CFO to –

  • Have flexible, resourceful, and strategic financial and accounting operations.
  • Get improvised suggestions & shared intellectual capital for future profitability.
  • Execute better control of the entire accounting team to avoid errors, frauds, and mishaps.
  • Increase cash flow through the cash improvement scheme developed for start-up and medium-sized companies.
  • Avoid fines and penalties by being tax compliant and channelize revenue to further save on taxes.
  • Prepare more accurate and error-free financial reports and statements.

To find out more reasons or for any assistance speak to our expert. We offer the virtual CFO services in India, USA, UK, Australia, the Middle East, and many other parts of the world. For more information, request a free consultation now!

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